About Us


Eliza Morgan-French & Nathalie Turner

They say those that train together, stay together. It’s true, so why not start a Business together?

We both have different health and fitness journeys, and our lives are worlds apart, but what brings us together is our passion and drive to help other women find that fire inside them to strive for a celebration of individuality.

Let’s be real, we don’t all have the perfect body, but we all want to feel good.

Thus, the vision was born.

Turner & French is founded by two women from Whāngarei and Whangaruru of Northland, New Zealand. We believe every woman should be empowered, feel confident and comfortable while being active. Whether it be shopping for groceries, picking the children up from daycare, lounging in front of the tv or to sweating it out at the gym, we’ve got you covered.